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Reddit Video Downloader
Reddit Video Downloader
Reddit Video Downloader
Reddit Video Downloader

Welcome to Reddit Video Downloader Online, Free & Unlimited! This is the best tool to download reddit videos online.

Reddit is the most frequently used platform to share our favorite videos. Redditors (users of Reddit) love sharing their preferred videos with each other and most of the time these links are hosted on a video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. But what if these links point to video streaming websites that don’t allow downloading? On such occasions, you will need a downloader that can fetch the video from the sources and then download it to a location of your choice.

Our Reddit video downloader tool helps you to save Reddit videos. The tool only fetches the links to the videos from selected subreddits, lets you download or save that video for offline use on your device.

How To Use Reddit Video Downloader Online, Free & Unlimited:

You will need to follow the steps mentioned below in order to download Reddit videos.

1. Open Video Post on Reddit

The first step is to search for the preferred video on Reddit.

Now copy the link of the video post that you want to download.

The next step is to paste the link into the white box above.

4. Submit & Begin Downloading

Once you have pasted the link, click on ” Download Now “. This will start the process of fetching the video from its source and then downloading it to your computer.

Download Reddit Videos with ease using downloader tool!

Our Reddit Video Downloader tool is extremely simple to use. It only requires a couple of clicks from your end to get started.

In case, if you are getting an error saying “Not available outside the US”, then visit this website from any other non-U.S. web browser to fix the problem or connect a VPN server to a country that isn’t blocked by Reddit and try again. We found that NordVPN works best for accessing Reddit videos from anywhere in the world.

How To Get A Reddit Video Post Link?

In order to get a Reddit video post link, you need to go to the post on Reddit, where the Reddit video downloader will fetch the video from.

After clicking on Share, you will see the URL in the address bar of your browser. All you need to do is copy it and paste it inside our downloader tool interface and start downloading your favorite videos from Reddit.

What Subreddits You Can Download Videos From?

You can use our Reddit video downloader tool to save any videos that are hosted by a website like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and has an active link available on Reddit. We support all sorts of subreddits. So feel free to pick the one that interests you most to get started with video downloading from Reddit.

Using our service is simple! Just make sure that before you start downloading Reddit videos you have an active VPN provider or a web browser that supports proxy connections. Otherwise, your ISP may block the tool from fetching content from Reddit. If this happens, use any other non-U.S.-based proxy browser to fix the problem. 

Why does the video just open for playback and download isn’t starting?

If the video just opens for playback and you aren’t able to download it, your ISP might be blocking it. Use any other non-U.S.-based proxy browser to fix this problem!

What happens if I am banned from Reddit?

If you are banned from Reddit then this tool will not work for you as we use a subreddit search that searches only Reddit threads and downloads directly from them so you have to unban yourself from Reddit before using our tool.

Why does the system say no video was found, while the video is clearly there?

If the Reddit video downloader tool says, “No Video Found!”, yet you clearly see the video on the page, then again your ISP may be blocking it. Use any other non-U.S.-based proxy browser to fix this problem!

Why downloaded video has no sound?

If the video plays with sound online and yet has no sound when downloaded using our tool, then you must have copied the link from a mobile device. Please use any browser instead of a mobile one to download Reddit videos!

How many times will it try to play the video on Reddit before giving up?

Our Reddit Video Downloader has no upper limit on how many times it will try to play the video post on Reddit before giving up. It will automatically try until it gets an error or successfully plays the video, whichever comes first!

How do I unblock myself if I am banned?

You can unblock yourself by connecting to a VPN server that isn’t blocked by Reddit or connect a web browser that supports proxy connections and then visit this page for downloading content from Reddit.

Is it safe to use?

Our Reddit video downloader software is absolutely safe. If you are not able to use it, then most probably your ISP might be blocking the tool from fetching content from Reddit

I am unable to download but I don’t know why?

If you are unable to download videos on our site, then connect a web browser that supports proxy connections or an active VPN provider and try again!

What’s with the option of automatically playing the video in HD mode before downloading?

This feature is available for all websites which enable automatic HD playback of videos. Our Reddit video downloader also features this functionality so you can watch any un-downloaded Reddit videos in HD directly without having to manually play them first.

Can I use the website only on my PC or can I also access it on my mobile device?

You can easily access this website on any Android web browser or iOS web browser with a touch interface.

Do you support downloading Reddit Videos in 1080p resolution?

Yes! Absolutely! Our Reddit Video Downloader has no limit on the resolution of the file which can be downloaded. Go ahead and download as many high-definition Reddit videos as you want!

Why does my video playback stutter all the time? Also why are there no subtitles even though I have enabled them?

This issue is mostly due to an incomplete download of the HD file. If you are using our built-in video player, then this problem could occur because your computer’s hardware isn’t up to scratch for playing high definition videos or because your ISP is throttling/ limiting video downloads from Reddit.

I am able to download the file but am unable to play it on my system. Why?

You can check if your video player supports the VP9 codec by searching about it on the web! If your computer’s menu only lists “VP8” as supported, then you need an alternative video player that is capable of playing VP9 videos! You can also give VLC Media Player (Windows, MacOSX & Linux) a try for this purpose.

I have connected my web browser/ with an active VPN provider on my system but still getting error.

This could be because of one of the reasons:

1) The tool does not support your web browser/ VPN connection

2) Your ISP is blocking access to this tool.

Either way, you can try another web browser or connect to a different active VPN provider.

FAQs: Reddit Video Downloader

Why do you need the download link and video URL?

We need it to fetch the original video file, in order to download it.

Why are you using all these external resources?

We use multiple external resources in order to help us download YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, and any other video content that is hosted on Reddit.

Is there a limit on how many files I can download?

No! You can save an unlimited number of videos from Reddit with our website. There are no limitations at all!

I am not able to download the video. Why?

If you are unable to download the video, there are two possible reasons for it:
1) Your ISP is blocking the Reddit proxy service by our website or
2) You are trying to download a file with very high PMS!

Can I download more than one Reddit Video at once?

Yes! Absolutely! Our Reddit video downloader allows you to save multiple videos at once. Just use copy & paste or drag & drop to add multiple links into the box and then click on the Download Videos button to start downloading them all at once.

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